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Hello everyone,

2008-02-08 05:49:43 by Morky

Hi Newgrounders !
I have nothing much to say except that newgrounds is a nice place for any amateur flash/music artist who wants to share its work. Well let's introduce myself :
A long time ago I tried to work on some flash. It was obviously not for me, I pretty much suck really bad at making flash games or even movies. So I stopped the pain 'n shame right there and put a "hola" to my laughable work.
A while ago I discovered a passion for music, and very recently I got my hand on FL Studio. I like it a lot and results are much more encouraging than my flash inability. I'm still not "good", but I'll work a lot. Today newgrounds, tommorrow the world !!!

See ya ;-)


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2008-02-08 06:08:37

Your briefing song is nice. It can be used on briefings, but also on those times where you're between levels buying armor and weapons.

The looping is nice; we need good short loops like that for games.